I love being apart of your special moments and others do too!  There's nothing better than silly faces and tender moments. Check out some of the most perfect kids and families that make my heart full and my sides ache from laughter below. 

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November 30, 2019

The Bardash Family

We had SUCH dreamy lighting at this morning’s session with the Bardash family! Everyone showed up ready to roll with smiles, twirly dresses and cowboy boots, and the most important thing of all, gummies! The gummy is highly underrated until you become a parent and I love a fellow emergency gummy snack carrier.

If there is anything, both as a mom and photographer, it’s that gummies can change the mood in the time it takes to crinkle the pack. Once they hear that sound, a look only described as pure joy washes over those cheeks and leave you with some of the most precious pictures #powerinthepack. Some may call it bribery, I say a win is a win!

No gummies were needed in this session though, and these 2 were pure joy to photograph; Mom and Dad weren’t shabby either. Between the sweet kisses and monstrous hugs, you can tell that this family radiates love. And that’s always such a privilege to be a small part of. So thank you Bardash family for making this morning such a dream!

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